Where light
meets logic.

The last human resistance against the supremacy of AIs.

Dare to face the challenge?


In the future, humanity fights to reclaim its pride in a world dominated by superior machines. Robots have outperformed humans in every aspect.

Amidst this scenario, Sente, the final battlefield emerges, where humans and robots compete in a game that blends strategy with intuition in an epic battle for 2 to 6 players.

Master the board by building energy networks and destabilizing your opponents. Enjoy various game modes, dynamic environments, and challenges that will constantly test your skills.

Strategic Game for 2 to 6 Players

Imagen de juego simultáneo intenso Sente is a strategic board game designed for 2 to 6 players, offering a unique experience for groups of all sizes.

With its ability to engage multiple players, Sente guarantees a rich and varied gameplay dynamic, making each match as unique and exciting.

Gather your friends and prepare for an epic showdown where only the cleverest will prevail.

The Ultimate Test of Strategy

A game of perfect information transforms into one of imperfect information.

Sente challenges you to predict your opponents' simultaneous moves based on openly available information.

Victory in Sente is about both strategy and intuition.

Master the grid

Plot your victory by building energy networks and defeat your opponents by cutting their connections, plunging them into darkness or triggering a series of catastrophic explosions!

Sente offers not only an exciting gameplay experience but also a visual and auditory show, with procedural music that complements the board's dynamics.

Game modes

Imagen de modos de juego Enjoy thrilling Free4All or engage in strategic Teams matches!

Challenge friends or find formidable opponents online.

Enjoy local multiplayer matches with your friends or against an AI.

Dynamic environment

The game board comes in different shapes and sizes, along with diverse starting setups, guaranteeing a unique experience every time you step into the arena.

Design your own battlefield with the Board Editor and experiment with new strategies.

Dynamic environment

Customize your tokens with dazzling skins!

Change your tokens, lasers, avatar, and explosions!

Get them by leveling up and beating the in-game challenges!


¿Qué es Sente?

Sente is a turn-based strategy game in video game format. Players must eliminate their opponents from the board by creating energy networks and using lasers to attack enemy bases.

¿Hay diferentes modos de juego en Sente?

Sente offers Free4All and team-based game modes, both in casual and custom matches.

¿Dónde puedo comprar Sente?

Sente will be available for purchase on the Steam platform. In the meantime, you can add it to your wishlist.

¿Es posible modificar o personalizar las partidas en Sente?

Yes, the game includes a board editor to customize your matches.

¿Cómo puedo reportar un problema técnico o un bug en el juego?

To report any technical issue or bug, you can contact us through our Discord Server.

¿Puedo acceder a estadísticas de mis partidas anteriores en Sente?

Yes, you can access both general statistics of your performance as a player and the replays of your online matches.

¿Qué hace único a Sente comparado con otros juegos de estrategia?

The interaction between the tiles to form energy networks and the simultaneous turns offer a unique dynamic, which requires intuition and strategy for attack and defense.

¿Cuánto tiempo dura una partida típica de Sente?

Matches vary in duration. Some can be quick, and others can extend into intense strategic showdowns.

¿Sente es adecuado para todas las edades?

Yes, Sente is suitable for players of all ages.

¿Sente tiene opciones de multijugador en línea?

Yes, you can play casual matches with online players or set up custom matches with friends.

¿Existen guías o tutoriales para nuevos jugadores de Sente?

Within the game, you will find tutorials that will teach you all the rules and mechanics of Sente.

¿Hay un sistema de logros o recompensas en Sente?

Sente has a challenge system that is regularly updated, offering rewards such as skins, drops, and XP, as well as rewards for leveling up.